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Ours is one of the newest flocks of pedigree Suffolk sheep having been started in November 2012 (flock code SHF).  When starting we bought only MV accredited stock and have continued with MV accreditation. Our plan is to breed  high index Suffolk ram lambs and shearling rams for commercial and pedigree flocks.  We plan to breed stock that will improve performance as a terminal sire so that commercial flocks can breed high performance, fast growing and well fleshed lambs that finish quickly and produce consistent lambs.  We will also be breeding high index ewe lambs as flock replacements.

We will be using the Signet Sheepbreeder recording scheme for the first time in 2014 and the index ratings will be available for all potential purchasers of our 2014 lambs.


All of our stock are reared on a grass based system and spend as much time out on grass as possible.  They are only housed at lambing or when the land is unsuitable.  Ewes are fed supplements in the run up to lambing and through the first few weeks of lactation.

We believe that by rearing and maturing mainly on grass our rams will perform well when they are working in commercial flocks. 


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For this year (2014 lambing) we have chosen some of the top performing rams in  as sires for our AI programme. Sires used have come from the Drinkstone, Kersey and Tomcroft flocks.

We will be at a number of shows and sales throughout the year and all of our stock will be presented naturally.  We believe that it is the sheep that are there to be judged, not our skill at trimming and colouring.  We will be delighted to meet you at the shows we attend.



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