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Other Livestock

Some of our other livestock ......... includes a small herd of beef cattle and the occasional pen of Berkshire pigs.  We have also started to build a reputation for some excellent (if slightly large!) Turkeys for Christmas.

We buy rearing calves at about 4 weeks old and bring them on before selling them as stores through the local market.

Some of the beef cattle enjoying a run in the summer sun.



Berkshires (a traditional if slightly out of fashion breed) are our pig of choice!  We buy weaners from local breeders that produce excellent stock and feed them on cereal and fresh vegetables.  We prefer Berkshires for their depth of flavour and we have customers that will only buy their sausages from us because of their excellent flavour.



Our Bronze turkeys come on farm as day olds and are grown on to finishing weight.  They are all free range as soon as they are old enough to be outdoors.  We have been delighted with some of the compliments that we have received on the quality and taste of their meat. 

 sam                mack

     The cats that help to keep the rabbit and mouse populations at bay!