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Disappointment and Opportunity

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We were looking forward to the arrival of the scanner to pregnancy scan the ewes.  We had put 24 ewes into the breeding programme this year and were hoping for great things.  As often happens, things didn't go according to plan, of the 24, only 12 were confirmed as in lamb for the January lambing.  We had expected some misses but half of the flock was a bit of a shocker! Of the 12 confirmed in lamb, seven of them are only carrying singles; salt added to the wound.  Much head scratching ensued trying to figure out what we could have done to get better results.  We haven't come to any conclusions yet but will continue to try to figure that one out.

Fortunately, we had anticipated a few empty ewes (but not that many) and we had come up with a plan to deal with that.  We had planned to get a stock Ram with a view to having a second lambing in early April 2014 and we managed to buy Super Sonic II from Richard Garner's Ortum flock (  Super Sonic II is one of the top Stock Sires by index in the country, with an EBV index of 6.47 and will no doubt help with our plan to push both the flock index and the breed points for any lambs that we might show in the future.  Adding him as a stock sire was an opportunity not to be missed.  He is currently in the paddock working hard to make up for the AI disappointments.

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