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Summer marches on

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The fine weather over the last few weeks has brought out the arable guys with their impressive combines and little clouds of dust have been appearing throughout the surrounding countryside indicating where they are harvesting.  The corn carts have been scurrying back and forth taking the grain back to store.  From the reports that I have heard, harvest is going well so far this year.

The good weather together with occasional showers have helped the grass around our farm too and there is an abundance of grazing for the livestock.  We have been trying to get the ewes back into breeding condition, but the exceptional grass growth has meant that some of them are in slightly too good condition!  It is probably a bit late now to put them on a diet as the run-up to the breeding programme starts next Friday.

We will be breeding through AI again this year and Innovis are booked for mid-August to come on to the farm to do the job.  We have selected two top Rams for our breeding programme this year (more about them in another blog) and we are looking forward to another excellent lot of lambs.  I had better not speak too soon though as there are a lot of hoops to jump through before that happens and we need to take things step by step.

One tiny cloud on the horizon; we had a TB test notice through the other week for our tiny herd of beef cattle (6 at the moment) so the vets are coming to do the tests over two visits next week.  I don't anticipate any problems at this stage, but wish us luck anyway!

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