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An eventful few weeks

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It's been quite an eventful few weeks and all very encouraging. 

Scanning:  It started in early May with the arrival of the Scanning Technician from Signet.  The procedure was pretty easy with the lambs being weighed and then scanned whilst they were still in the weigh crate.  The results of the scans were available immediately and the comparisons with the whole UK Suffolk flock should be available in early June.  One of the scans showing the eye muscle (the meaty part of the Lamb chop) is below:

scan image


Newark Livestock Market:  Two lambs were taken off to Newark for the Saturday fat lambs sale, there were around 25 pens of spring lambs and we were delighted to get the top price for the morning for our pair.  They were looking good and we are confident that the buyer got a great product!  The morning was all the better for bumping into the President of the Suffolk Sheep Society, Sheila Eggleston.


Hadleigh Show:  The day for Hadleigh show was dry, bright and warm.  An ideal day for an English Country show!  We took along a couple of Rams and a pair of ewes.  All of our entries came home with a rosette with the highest placed being the pair of ewe lambs coming second.  We enjoyed the rest of the day looking at all of the excellent livestock on show and all of the trade stands selling great stuff.  The Sheep Show was there too and no matter how often I watch the show, it always makes me laugh.  Do go along to one of the shows this summer if you can.


Shearing:  Shearing day is one of those days that marks the start of summer and the sheep lose their thick winter coats.  Charlie Hughes who is just starting out as a shearer did the job and brought along his parents to help out.  They did an excellent job and the sheep looked great when the job was finished.  They will look even better in a couple of weeks when the wool has just begun to grow again.  It was great to see the rams born in 2013 with their working clothes off (this was the first time that they had been shorn), and they are looking good too.  They have got a spring in their step now and a new found swagger when they walk across the field.  There is a photo of Charlie getting into the job below.  If you need a shearer then Charlie could be your man; get in touch with me and I will let you have his contact details.


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