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Welcome To Moat Farm Suffolks

A very warm welcome to the website for Moat Farm and our flock of Pedigree Suffolk Sheep.  We hope that you find the site useful.

We are one of the newest flocks of Pedigree Suffolks having started the flock in November 2012 and our aim is to breed high index Suffolk shearling rams for commercial and pedigree flocks.  We plan to breed pedigree stock that will improve performance as a terminal sire so that commercial flocks can breed high performance, fast growing and well fleshed lambs that finish quickly and produce consistent lambs.  We will also be breeding high index ewe lambs as flock replacements.

We started using the Signet Sheepbreeder recording scheme for the first time in 2014 and the index ratings will be available for all potential purchasers of our lambs and shearlings.

The exceptional growth rate of the Suffolk contributes to their outstanding performance and popularity as one of the leading terminal sires in the British Isles.  This ability to grow and finish quickly is an important trait to help increase the profit in your flock.  It is also well known that many commercial producers now include Suffolk genetics in their ewe flocks as the ewes too provide significant advantages.

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